Agriculture Applications

TTA agriculture drones can be used on different applications. It will help farmers on precision agriculture such as spraying, sowing and plant protection. Attached with high tech cameras and devices, it can well monitoring disease, pest, irrigation and fertilizer condition.

Salient Features

TTA agriculture drones with leading edge technology can well support precision agri culture, seads sowing, plant protection as well as growing monitoring.

Recommended UAV Platform

TTA agriculture drones are only born for Agriculture, with modular design & several patents to support precision agriculture.

Crop Growth Data Collecting System

Timely and accurate crop growth information is beneficial to guide the usage of fertilizers and pesticides, and provide support for the prevention of pest and disease disasters.

The crop information collection and management system of TTA is based on the monitoring of crop nutritional status or pests by multispectral cameras carried by UAV.

Data is collects from various agricultural indices, such as normalized vegetation index (NDVI) and normalized red-edge vegetation index (NDRE) by multispectral technology. A variety of operational data for spraying pesticides and seeds can be recorded as well.

A complete package of UAV data will be collected and analyzed as timely and accurate crop growth information, which will help farmers to use of fertilizers and pesticides rationally, and indirectly improve the environment.

Related Videos

The below demo video will provide you with an overview of our most popular product features- you can also learn more by visiting our website.

TTA M6E 10L Agriculture Drone

Automatic route planning for irregular topography : Preset the working route on GCS, find your crop field on Google Map, the route will automatically appear. The start point, the final point and the working direction can all be set. Big payload and big flow which make the trees spraying easier.

About TTA

Beijing TT Aviation Technology Co.Ltd (TTA) was funded in 2008 with registered capital of 20.46million RMB. The head office is located in Zhongguangcun Science and Technology Park, Changping District. Our products are exported to America, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Korea and other countries and regions.

TTA Seeds Sowing / Spreading UAV- Agriculture Drone

Drones carries a batch of seeds or specially designed seed pods and sent out to field. Flying low over the ground, the planter drones follow instructions determined by the data on where to go and when to fire a seed pod into the ground. They’re accurate to within centimeters.

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