• Copter is shaking/height is not good/copter can’t take off in full payload

    Reason: motor unbalance

    Solution:check motor balance from APP;Check whether propeller is loose or too tight

  • Copter head direction turns right and left during flying

    Calibrate remote controller

  • Copter drift in manual mode

    Calibrate accelerator

  • Voltage displayed in app is not correct

    calibrate the voltage

  • Pump not work but with DiDiDi sound

    Confirm whether pump channel exist in PC software; calibrate ESC.

  • There is no voice feedback of tank volume

    1) Confirm the water level connector under bottom of the tank has been connected well,see picture

    2) Observe whether real time water level display is correct,see dose on the screen of the GCS.

    3) Calibrate the water level sensor: click the button READ first,keep tank empty and click button MIN; then keep tank full and click the button Max.

    Note: calibrate compass when changing to another place .

  • Why route can’t be cut down or prolong for E6?

    joystick need to back to center after moving.

  • How to prolong or cut down the route for E6?

    Moving the joystick,same direction with the flying means prolong,reverse means cut down. The bigger moving stroke,the faster speed for flying.


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