TTA M10 Network Based Industrial Drone

M10 multirotor drone is a new generation intelligent network drone launched by TTA in 2021.

M10 has the characteristic that telemetry and control is not limited by distance, though using 4G/5G network connect with cloud control platform.

M10 has been fully affirmed and widely used in the fields of reconnaissance, delivery, search, rescue, command, surveying and mapping, patrol inspection, and logistics.


Drone Payload Options

The drone can carry different payloads according to different missions.

Dual light camera

Triple light camera

Drop-off device

High altitude illumination system

High altitude megaphone

Logistic box

Salient features:

  • Safety, equipped with parachute
  • Quick switch among different payload
  • LTE and AdHoc network suit for different working environment
  • Telemetry and control is not limited by distance
  • Cloud computing and quick  photo collage
  • Dual smart battery provide back power to each other
  • Multi-redundancy design
  • Big payload


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