M50 multi-purpose networked drone security system

M50 is an eight-rotor large-load multi-purpose networked UAV newly developed by TTA. It has the characteristics of direct networking application through 4G/5G and cloud control platform, and the measurement and control is not limited by distance. As an M series drone, with its recommended 25Kg load capacity, it can support multiple types of large-scale mounting integration, which is convenient to meet more Application requirements of customers and scenarios. With its superior performance, M50 has been fully affirmed and widely used by customers in the fields of security system, investigation, delivery, search and rescue, command, fire extinguishing, inspection, logistics and so on.

Product Composition


Networking mode

Common Networking Mode (4G/5G)

The most commonly used data link of the M50, in addition to realizing limited-distance point-to-point remote control flight through the remote control, as a real networked UAV, it also supports the construction of a data direct link through 4G/5G and the cloud platform to achieve ultra-long-range grouping. Network application, UAV flight attitude data and mission load data are directly uploaded to the cloud platform, and at the same time, it responds in real time to the measurement and control instructions from the cloud control platform to complete the corresponding flight actions. In this networking mode, based on the powerful scheduling capabilities of the cloud control platform, it can support thousands of M50s for cluster scheduling or multi-machine task coordination.

Common Networking Mode (AD HOC Network)

The most common networking mode of the M50, in addition to the 4G/5G networking, it also supports the self-organizing network application of the “L” band by setting up independent base stations. The wireless communication station module is deployed bidirectionally with the ground to realize point-to-point communication between the drone and the ground terminal. The same ground terminal wireless communication station supports the access of up to 16 M50 drones. Depending on the model of the wireless communication station, it supports 15-100km distance Measuring distance is optional.

Common Networking Modes(Mesh Networking)

Mesh network is a common mesh structure, each node is connected to form a mesh structure, there is no center, and there is no hierarchy, and the communication function is scattered among the nodes that make up the network. It has high reliability and convenient resource sharing. Any wireless device node can be used as a router at the same time. Every node in the network can send and receive signals. Each node can directly communicate with one or more peer nodes. Although there are multiple paths for communication, the best path is selected through negotiation to reduce delay, improve traffic distribution, and improve network performance.



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