TTA UAV lithium battery intelligent management system


TTA UAV lithium battery intelligent management system


The number of drones worldwide is growing rapidly. Lithium-ion batteries are the main power source of drones, and their safety and performance directly affect the safety and performance of drones.

However, currently there is no standard for lithium-ion batteries for drones, and the product quality is not guaranteed.

In addition, most industry application companies do not have very good management system for drone batteries, and safety accidents caused by drone batteries are often reported in the newspapers. .


With TTA cloud control platform and to check all current battery charging/maintenance status, as well as battery information, temperature, SN, charging times, usage times and other information;

The information query is defined by different colors, and various abnormal alarm information can be intuitively understood, including abnormal charging, high temperature, battery misplacement, battery over voltage, battery low voltage, etc.

According to the user’s application, the system automatically recommends battery for tasks, which is based on the use records of all batteries to achieve the purpose of balancing the usage times and life cycle of all batteries system automatically recommends of balancing the usage times and life cycle of all batterie.

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