TTA UAV Cloud Control System


TTA UAV Cloud Control System

TTA Cloud Control System is developed by Beijing TT Aviation Technology Co., LTD., which is based on 4G / 5G data link and IoT (Internet of Things), allow multiple users to control and monitor multiple UAVs simultaneously irrespective of the location. This will fundamentally change the using of UAV in all industries and suitable for various drone models.

  • Real-time information collection
  • Real-time information transmission
  • Real-time information processing

Cloud Computing

Drones could perform flight missions independently without manual control; multiple UAVs simultaneously taking off and landing; automatic collision avoidance; transmit data back in real time.

Multiple Terminal Control

The system could be accessible by mobile phones, computers. One hit to generate the required data.

Security Interconnection

Encrypted network security to protect sharing data; automatic collision avoidance to civil aviation routes ; no-fly area synchronized.

Grid Deployment

Relying on the deployment of, to ensure the power supply , maintenance and interconnection of UAVs.


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