TTA Drones Step into Universities in Romania


TTA Drones Step into Universities in Romania

Students could learn to make a drone in university in future

UAV industry is in the ascendant and can be widely used in many fields such as agriculture, construction, surveying, drawing, and firefighting.

Drone model: TTA M6E-1

TTA founded in 2008, is a global leader in industrial drones and training. Recently TTA step into universities in Romania, all parties jointly discussed the education cooperation related to UAV disciplines in Romania. Efforts would be used to build the standard of the UAV industry talent training system, including building data visual tracking platform, teaching management platform, VR teaching system and intelligent teaching tools, to cultivate relevant professionals in the subject of UAV .

It is hoped that all parties will jointly promote the professional construction of UAV disciplines, connect industrial employment, and jointly promote the planning and implementation of cooperative projects. In the future, all parties will cooperate in running schools, academic exchanges, vocational training, joint certificate courses, international skill competitions, scientific research cooperation and industrial project cooperation.

TTA is responsible for the output of UAV professional courses and curriculum system. If you have any question about pilot training please email us at


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