TTA Drones – Desert Locust Control Solution


TTA Drones – Desert Locust Control Solution

On February 11, the World Food Organization has issued a warning calling for vigilance against locust invasions.Hundreds of millions of the voracious insects have swept across Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya in what the U.N. has called the worst outbreak in a quarter of a century, with Uganda, Eritrea and Djibouti also affected.

As 1 square KM size swarm contains about 40 million locusts, which eat the same amount of food in one day as about 35,000 people, according to the USDA. Food and Agriculture Organization says desert locusts in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia have reached about 360 billion. According to reports from India, 400 billion locusts are sweeping through Rajasthan.

Reported by FOA, the countries affected by the locust disaster include: Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania in East Africa, Iran, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia in West Asia, India, Pakistan in South Asia, and neighboring countries.

Consequently, there is an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods of above 23.6 million people in these regions.

Locusts Monitoring and Control

Monitoring plays a very important role in locust control. The best time to control the locusts is to kill them before they turn into adult, and control the population before large amount of them gather together and turn into a swarm.

The generation of Locust swarm requires specific conditions: moist sandy or sand/clay soil, some bare areas for egg-laying, green vegetation for hopper development. So people monitor weather, ecological conditions, and the local situations.

Currently, the most effective internationally recognized method for controlling locust swarm is aerial spraying with insect pesticides.

Nowadays, most countries and organizations still use the traditional method to monitor and control desert locusts. The efficiency and effectiveness is largely limited. As the technologies are developed, Drone will make everything different.

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TTA Visible light sensor

TTA drone sprayer M6E-1 , M6E-x, M4E, M8Apro, M6E-G200

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