TTA drones are working in Venezuela –Fertilizer Distribution / Chemical Spraying


TTA drones are working in Venezuela

–Fertilizer Distribution / Chemical Spraying

Drone Modle: M6E-1/ M6E-x


Sigatoka, a kind of killer fungus to banana corps worldwide.


Like black leaf streak, Sigatoka leaf spot is globally distributed. serious epidemics were reported, with distribution across growing regions of Asia, Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean .



Black Sigatoka, caused by Pseudocercospora fijiensis, is one of the most devastating diseases of banana. In commercial banana-growing systems, black Sigatoka is primarily managed by fungicides. This mode of disease management is not feasible for resource-limited smallholder farmers.


Chemical control

The fungicides used to control black leaf streak can also be used against Sigatoka leaf spot. It is recommended to alternate between systemic and contact fungicides to delay the development of resistance to the fungicides.

Drone Technology

Thanks to Aerohelicópteros C.A. and Vertinetik KFT (drone company), TTA drones are working in Venezuela today and we apply fungicide against Sigatoka in Banana.

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