Tips For TTA Drones Maintenance in Winter 【2-2】


Tips For TTA Drones Maintenance in Winter 【2-1】


The Storage Points of TTA Drones

Suitable environment: The equipment and other components should be stored in a safe, clean,dry,cool,fire-proof,anti-theft and moisture-proof place.

Classified storage:Different types of equipment must be put on the shelf separately. The drone,charger generators and batteries also need to be stored separately.

Equipment periodic check: The battery,remote controller and other components with electric should be checked and charging regularly.

The drone must be wiped clean before storage,the pesticide residues in the tank and pipeline must be cleaned with water, keep inside dry to prevent corrosion and freezing in winter.

The remote controller should be shut down with full electric,while keeping the surface dry.(It is suggested the power show about 3 grids )

The storage place of the battery must be dry,cool,and at the same time,there must have fire-fighting equipment.(It is recommended to store the battery in a lithium battery protection box)

Keep the power at about 50%(no less than 3 grids) before storing the battery. And check the power every 3 months

Above are some points related to the drones.Protect it good, then it can work for you better and longer.


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