Tips For TTA Drones Maintenance in Winter 【2-1】


Tips For TTA Drones Maintenance in Winter 【2-1】

With the arrival of winter, many countries have entered the cold weather. Some place even suffered heavy snow.When you take care of yourself to keep warm,don’t forget your drone which has worked for a whole year.Now, let TTA tell you a small secret: right maintenance can extend the life of your drone.

1.In time clean of the equipment after daily use.

Although the drone will not be broken down after touch the water,dusty or pesticides, but if not clean them in time will cause the inside components and electronic parts damaged, then reduce the use life of your drone.

2.In summer, we payed more attention on the corrosion of liquid -in-touch spraying system.

Moreover, we must clean the tank,pump,nozzles and other pipes after use the drone in the winter.

3.In winter, there will not be spraying work in some area, but we will continue flying test and training.

At that time, we will use water instead of pesticides, if there is still water inside, the tank, pump and other pipes will be damaged as the water become ice in such cold condition.So we must release all the water after the drone finish work.

4.The battery can not be damaged in cold temperature, but in order to keep the endurance, we must increase the temperature of the battery.

We must make the warm temperature treatment in the outdoor use.

5.The battery charging interface and all the plugs must keep far from the water stains(pay attention to the snow melt in the winter).

Water stains can cause short circuits and equipment damage.

6.Pay attention to the battery power when flying, if there is a rapid decline and other abnormal conditions, we should turn the drone back and landing in time.

7.Pay attention to all the components when use the drone. If there is crack,gap or other conditions that can affect the safety flying on some parts, such as propellers, arms,landing gears, pipe clips,etc. we need to change them in time.


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