The New TTA M4E-G300 PRO Agricultural Sprayer Drone Is About To Go On Sale


TTA newly version G300 Pro which is 30liters payload agriculture sprayer drone shall launch to the market soon. Let’s learn more about it now.

The drone payload is 30L for spraying and 36L for spreading. Adopt ultra-light fuselage structure, lightweight and foldable, easy to carry.

The body is made of aviation aluminum alloy structure, which greatly reduces the weight of the body

G300 PRO can be equipped with a pair of centrifugal nozzle, manual operation does not need to turn, easy to operate.

The broadcasting system is equipped with a standard weighing sensor to grasp the remaining material in real time, and is equipped with an ultrasonic flowmeter to measure more accurately.

Fast charging intelligent battery, can be fully charged in 10 minutes, efficient field operation guarantee.

The new drone will be officially released on April 30, and will accept pre-orders from now on! We expect your join in!



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