Spraying season is coming TTA drones working in Costa Rica 


Spraying season is coming TTA drones working in Costa Rica
50ha per day

Agricultural drones are the spraying drones; they help farmers operationally on the field by spraying the area with seeds, water, fertilizer and even pesticides. Utilizing spraying drones can revolutionize your fieldwork by making it safer, smarter and faster. Agricultural spraying drones are designed to operate in adverse conditions and complicated environments without a loss in efficiency.

Precision Agriculture eliminates the guesswork out of Agriculture by integrating tech solutions to provide reliable, real-time data that enables farmers and agronomists to allocate resources accurately and efficiently. Farmers using precision agriculture have a reliable method to improve optimal land use, conservation of resources and productivity. Regardless of the field’s size, farmers can use the data gathered to manage large fields as though they are a group of smaller fields; this allows farmers to target and disperse resources precisely. Precision agriculture practises also enable a more efficient and effective cultivation method.

Recently TTA released M6E-G200, 16 liters smart drone. It can well help farmer and agronomists to get more and more useful information. For this new model, welcome to email Lilian to get more details: lan.li@ttaviaition.com


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