IONOS Bringing the future


IONOS Bringing the future


IONOS is a Startup Company active in research and experimental development services in Agricultural science.

Our goal is the safe and effective use of agricultural drones with innovative training and researching practices as well as the development of new farming methods and standards.

The IONOS team is constantly adapting to the ever-changing environment, with faith in its principles, judicious use of innovation technologies and, above all, respect for the environment.

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IONOS is a member of the European Drone School network, based in Brussels, and is the group’s exclusive partner in Greece. It is responsible throughout Europe for Theoretical and Practical training in agricultural drone operations, with certified trainers in Crete, Peloponnese, Athens and Thessaloniki and total flying experience of more than 2000 hours. All EASA certifications and degrees for UAVs are provided online.

Special operations in forest and urban environment

IONOS has created the conditions for the development of a unique ecosystem of creation and innovation. Universities, Research centres, Agricultural Institutes, Experimental projects departments, Research and Development companies, Producers’ cooperatives are members of the group and are conduits of creation and transfer of knowledge.


The action concerned the protection of the urban greenery of the city of Thessaloniki and the problems created by the elm leaf beetle, Xanthogaleruca luteola (Chrysomelidae: Coleoptera) for the city’s residents.

Applications aimed at dealing with the insect, contain entomopathogenic nematodes and chitosan. The action was made in collaborated with the BIO-INSECTA team, which proposed the application of entomopathogenic nematodes to elm leaves, a suitable solution without burdening the urban environment with harmful substances.


IONOS also has the implemented to use UAV technology in solar panel plants in order to combat the vegetation that hinders their operation.

Experimental operations


The program is a conception and initiative of IONOS with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of the use of UAVs in the application of bait sprays for the treatment of the olive fruit fly in olive groves of various morphology, compared to the sprays from ground-based applications. Τhe project has been activated since 2020.


The program is implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural Development & Food, the Hellenic Mediterranean University, the University of Thessaly, the Institute of Olive Tree, Subtropical Crops and Viticulture, the Regions of Thessaly, Evia, Etoloakarnania, Messinia and Crete, and with ELANKO which provides the pesticide used.


European program which extends to Spain, Italy and Greece, focusing on the needs of rice cultivation.

The purpose of the program is to evaluate the efficacy of herbicide applications by drone, in rice crops, compared to ground applications. The program was activated for the year 2021 and 2022 in collaboration with the companies ELANKO, GOWAN and SDS Biotech K.K and having an ex

perimental license from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.



The BIONICE action is implemented in rice cultivation. The purpose of the program is to evaluate the efficacy of two herbicides applied by drone. The project was activated in 2023 in collaboration with BASF and the spray applications were made according to the IONOS and BASF protocols. The project is implemented in accordance with the approved permits of the APA and the Directorate of Plant Protection.

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