Interview to TTA Ukraine Drone Crop Spraying Service – Experience Sharing


Interview to TTA Ukraine Drone Crop Spraying Service

—Experience Sharing of Spraying by Using TTA M6E

Manager: Bernatskyi Eugene


Sarah Hi Eugene, how many hectares do you spray for each M6E ?
Eugene Hello Sarah, I think each drone made about 1000 hectares during the season.
Chris May I know how many hectares one drone would spray per day in average?
Eugene On average about 50, but sometimes there were days when one drone made up to 100 hectares per day.
Chris Awesome!
Chris You work so hard…
Eugene How many hours per day,8 hours?
Sarah Haha. I said you could work 80 ha per day, Chris did not believe me!
Eugene Well, a lot depends on the weather, but it takes about 14 hours to make a 100 hectare drone.
Chris Yes,100 ha is a bit hard for me to imagine..
Chris Flight speed would be around 10m/s?
Eugene Well, this is under ideal conditions, when the fields are flat and you can fly at maximum speed
Eugene Yes 10m/s
Chris Understood…
Chris Will this flight speed adversely affect the spray performance? Generally, the recommended flying speed is 6m/s.
Eugene In fact, it does not affect, the main thing is that the required amount of chemistry eventually gets to a hectare and there is no difference at what speed to do it.  The fields are also cultivated with the help of small planes and they fly at a speed of more than 10 m / s
Chris Understood. Chemical coverage matters…  Thanks for your detailed explanation.
Eugene Thank you guys too, you help me a lot.
Chris Its our pleasure.


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