How do the drones effect the world? [2-1]


How do the drones effect the world?

In recent years, with the growing widespread use of drones, in agriculture, security, surveying and mapping, monitoring, power systems, logistics and transportation and other fields, they are playing an important role, and changing our way of life and work meanwhile.

Agriculture field (drones agricolas)

The speed of drones for spraying pesticides is dozen times of traditional manual spraying. It is not only efficient and time-saving, but also healthier. Farmers can remote operate without closing to chemical, which ensures the safety of people. Completely liberated from spraying pesticides. And save much water and chemical reagents, and spray more evenly and scientifically.

Pic: TTA M8A pro 20L dron de fumigacion

Police security field 

The status of drones in the field of police security has been increasing year by year.

Police use drones have higher safety requirements. Drones can integrate different equipment like aerial megaphone, tear gas, security monitoring and other devices to achieve different functions. .

Drones also assist in traffic management, which greatly improves the efficiency of accident response. Once a traffic accident occurs, the drone can capture intuitive images to help traffic management grasp the final position of the vehicle involved, and quickly restore the scene.

Fire fighting field

What drones can provide in this field: First, they can provide high-altitude strategic assistance to ground firefighters, use the high-altitude perspective to help fire control dispatch, and reduce the probability of secondary disasters; second, they can perform close-range safety breakthroughs: use drones to launch Destroy bombs, open life rescue channels, speed up rescue of trapped objects, and improve the safety of rescuers; third, multiple drones can be used to launch fire extinguishing bombs at the same time, which greatly improves the efficiency of fire fighting.

Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief

Every year, more than one million people are killed and injured in public emergencies such as natural disasters, accidents, and social security incidents, and the economic losses reach billions. Industrial drones have played an important role in emergencies and disaster relief. They are a way of applying modern disaster relief technology.,which is not only efficient, but also replace part of manpower to take risks to save more property and lives. In addition, this type of rescue industrial drone also has the function of detecting, locating and monitoring forest fires and collecting relevant disaster information.


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