Fungicidal treatment for bananas–TTA Agricultural drone sprayer


Fungicidal treatment for bananas by using TTA Agricultural drone sprayer

Fungus causes a blight known as Banana disease.

The disease does not affect human beings, is not transmitted through the fruit itself . The danger is that it can destroy entire crops and thus the livelihoods of many families that depend on banana and plantain production.

There is a possibility of mechanical transmission by dirty containers. Below is the measures of extraction, cleaning and disinfection using drones to spraying fungicides.

Fungicidal treatment for bananas by using TTA drone sprayer:

Cultivation: Banana Tree

Area: Costa Rica

Operator: Aerocalidad Drones / Costa Rica

Application: Fungicidal Treatment

AgriDrone: M8A pro

Time window for spraying: 5am to 9 am.

Other model recommended: TTA M6E-1;TTA M6E-X; G200.

Video: Fungicides on Banana Leaves by M8A pro
Dosis on Sigatoka is 18 litters per hectárea

TTA M8Apro, 20 liter drone, powerful and strong, is very good for applying the fungicidal treatment to bananas. Right now, in South America, Sigatoka disease is a big threat to banana, it needs fungicide treatment every 5 ~ 6 days.

As the Banana tree is taller than ordinary crops, as per our experience, M8A pro could works 5 hectares by hour, 20 liter/hectare doses.

In Costa Rica, it is illegal to work at night. But in other countries, for crops in flat areas , one set of M6E-1/M6E-x could spray 50 hectares and if weathers conditions are good, operator could work 100 hectares in one day (almost 14 hours working), such as corn, sunflower, rice paddy. M8A pro and G200 could work more flats.



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