Farmland Spray Service, New Job Opportunity for Senior Farmers


Farmland Spray Service – New Job Opportunity for Senior Farmers

Pesticide & Herbicide Spray by TTA M6E-1


Fu Quantai, born in 1959 is a 60-year-old experienced farmer. He and his partner and dear friend Gong Yanguo, 48-year-old, created their own drone spraying service in their local community and have received many favourable praises and earned a good word of mouth. Now they have become very popular among the villagers and famous for their skills and the spraying results and effect on the corps .

Their work is mainly to spray chemicals over the corp fields using TTA drones bought in June 2018. the chemicals are normally all kinds of pesticide, herbicide and other biological hormones. With dedication and incredibly proficient operational skills, they have managed to earn more 200,000 RMB in less than a year.

Comparison of wheat growth under drone application and conventional method (from left), as in applying herbicide.

Hit the below video you can watch the whole story.


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