[EVENT]Next Generation Agriculture Expo Tokyo Japan 2022


Next Generation Agriculture Expo Tokyo Japan 2022

TTA moves very fast and proactive in different agricultural exhibitions. From October 12, 2022 until October 14, 2022, TTA exhibited on Next Generation Agriculture Expo Tokyo (AGRINEXT TOKYO).

AGRINEXT is a collection of next-generation agricultural technologies, such as drones, AI/IT solutions, plant factory systems, and photovoltaic generation system, etc.As a venue for lively business meetings, the show has gained in value and is now Japan’s most important one-stop destination for all people involved in agriculture.

What we exhibited?

M4E , 5 liters smart agricultural drone sprayer with seed spreader.

M6E , 10 liters agricultural drone sprayer with seed spreader.

G200 , 16 liters drone, with the function of seed and granule spreader.


If any interested, please dont hesitate to contact us

Email: lan.li@ttaviation.com

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