Drone in Finland only for Fertilizer Sprays


Drone in Finland only for Fertilizer Sprays


The Agency for Safety and Chemicals (Tukes) reports that in Finland, however, drones cannot carry out plant protection sprays, but fertilizer sprays can be carried out.


TTA Finish Manager says the M6E-1 drone has a 10-liter tank and a 20-liter model is coming.

With one battery charge and a full load, you can cover an area of an acre 40 ha per day.


The drone has six rotor. Effective working time is 6~12 minutes and maximum working time is 25-30 minutes with one charge. Flight speed is 0-15 meters per second and operating speed is four to six meters per second. Spraying water is four to five meters per second and the drone is made two to four meters above the growth. The area to be covered may be pre-set and may also be irregular. The liquid flow rate can be adjusted. The drone is waterproof and can be purified with water.


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