Clarion is getting people back to work with advanced Drone Disinfection for COVID 19


Clarion is getting people back to work with advanced Drone Disinfection for COVID 19

by Bruce McPherson

Clarion’s smallest  Spraying Drone for large outdoor and indoor spaces

Drone Model-TTA M4E


Clarion Drone Academy is now offering drone-enhanced disinfectant spraying services for large indoor and outdoor venues.

MP Cheryl Gallant Clarion Drone Academy
MP Cheryl Gallant addresses Clarion Drone team along with partners SmartCone Technologies and NanoBubble Control

The current and unprecedented global crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus is changing the way people view the importance of facility cleanliness and the new normal is going to require higher levels of vigilance on cleanliness and sanitation.

Large work and play areas such as:

  • warehouses
  • storage facilities
  • stadiums
  • race tracks
  • playgrounds
  • schools
  • arenas

will ALL need to be disinfected on a regular basis for the public to feel comfortable again.

Disinfection is usually completed using crews of people to clean and disinfect areas by hand, but this method is time consuming and costly especially on larger venues.

MP Cheryl Gallant Clarion Drone

Clarion’s approach is to get people back to work quicker and with less down time.  Using the spraying drone technique and Clarion’s expertise, large work spaces can be disinfected between shift changes with minimal downtime thus keeping costs down and getting people back to work,

Most recently a live demonstration of this technology was presented in Deep River on May 12 , 2020 with the help of our partner SmartCone Technologies and NanoBubble Control.

Deep River Arena and Clarion Drones
Many Thanks to the great people at Deep River Arena for all their help, what a great facility !

We covered a 25 sq. metres area in 1 min 30 seconds.   Imagine how quickly we could disinfect a large factory or warehouse.

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