50L large capacity agricultural spraying drone




TTA M4E-G500 large-capacity agricultural drone has more powerful functions, more stable performance and is easy to operate. 50L spraying, 70kg spreading, saving more costs, more resources, more environmentally friendly, making farming more efficient.


Advantages of M4E-G500 :

  • Automatic spraying mode
    • RTK accurate positioning system
  •    Accuracy: Horizontal: ±10cm    Vertical:±10cm
    • Spraying system
  • Double water pumps generate bigger pressure , max 24L/min adjustable flow rate.
    • Obstacle avoidance sensor
  • Equip 360 degree omnidirectional obstacle avoidance radar makes the drone has the ability to automatically detect obstacles to avoid unexpected crash and lose.The GCS presents the distance from the obstacles at the same time.
    • Terrain following module
  • To make the drone has the ability to work on undulating crop field and make the spraying work much easier.
    • Single-axis FPV cameraControllable pitch Angle ±45°, necessary for aircraft operation!
  • High Brightness LED SearchlightFor night work, more bright!
  • Real time tracking the flight log from the GCS. And obviously to check where is sprayed and where is not according to the color.
    • Seeding System
  • Broadcast width 6-15m, adjustable (height 3-5 meters), max speed 80KG/min,each hour can work 5-6hectares, spread particulate matter diameter 0.5-10mm dry solid particl
    • Modular Design
  • Max payload 70L, adopts a large diameter feeding port, which greatly improves the feeding efficiency during operation!
    • High Precision Weighting Module
  • Standard weighing sensor, real-time control of residual material!
    • Dual Pump, High PrecisionFlowmeterMaximum flow rate of a single pump 14L/ min.The accuracy of double tube flowmeter is less than 5%

Technical data


  • Supply professional training for free.


Supply the 24 hours after-sales service and one year warranty service.


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