-19°C low temperature operate test for new product!!!-TTA M6E-G200


-19°C low temperature operate test for new product!!!

TTA M6E-G200

TTA do the flying test under temperature -19°C, Beijing, China.

Empty payload fliyng time from general 28 mins 35 sec to be 20 mins 18 sec.

Full payload flyting time not affect too much , only shorter 2 mins 9 sec than general temperature flying time.


All electronic components and flight controllers were functioning normally.


Hover test- pass

Manual flight test- pass

Mission flight test- pass

low power alram test- pass

Fail-safe test – pass (An action for protecting drone when low voltage or lost connection with RC)

… …

Spraying test not avilable based on water has freezed, pipe stucked by ice.

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