「EVENT」TTA October 2019 Presentation and Demo in Europe


TTA October 2019 Presentation and Demo in Europe, Details are listed


Date: 07/10-13/10/2019
Location : Crete, Greece
Demo model: M6E-X

Date: 14/10-17/10/2019
Location : Koszalin, Poland
Demo model: M6E-1

Date: 21/10-24/10
Location: Belgrade,Serbia
Demo model: M6E

Date: 25/10-28/10
Location: Budapest,Hungary
Demo model: M4E, M6E-1,M8A-Pro, M6FA

Date: 30/10-05/11/2019
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Here TTA officially invite friends to join any of this demo per your convenience, for more detailed locations, please email to lan.li@ttaivation.com or contact me via linkedin any time.

Shake hand,shake market and share profit together !


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